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Journey Deposit 

Journey Deposit Exchange. If you prefer to avoid fees you may send a check (personal/cashier's) or money order made out to Sacred Spirit Illumination in the amount of $2500 to: Sacred Spirit Illumination 3422 Lomas Serenas Dr Elfin Forest, CA 92029
Continue with Online Credit Card:
Journey Exchange

Journey Forms 

  • Please fill out this quick contact and emergency Contact Info Form It is important to complete the form so we have all of your latest information.

  • Please fill out the Journey Forms ( Journey Waiver, Consent For Medical Treatment, Honoring the Journey Code of Conduct, and Recommendations to Enhance your Journey):

*If you are a returning Journey community member and have filled out these forms in the past you will still need to fill and sign the forms again.

Journey Essentials 

Journey Packlist 
List of items to bring to the Journey

Most Important to Remember:

- Notebook and Pen

- Blanket or Yoga Mat: Please bring a blanket to sit on for our outdoor days

- Offering for Ceremony

Locations, Google Maps + Download Offline Map

I will send out all the locations we will be carpooling to during the Journey the week before.

Please download the Google Maps App on your mobile phone. NOT Apple/iPhone Maps. This will help everyone reach our destinations easier. 

Google Maps App Download:

Download Offline Map:

1. Open Maps

2. Search for Sedona, AZ

3. Pull up Menu 

4. Click 3 dots, ... , on the top right corner 

5. Click "download offline map"

6. Zoom out so that the square area shows Cottonwood in the bottom left corner and Flagstaff in the top right corner

7. Click Download



Green Treen Inn Sedona

Each day we will all meet at Green Tree Inn. As a group, we will all carpool together to the destinations for the day. We recommend staying at the Green Tree where we have an established a group rate for the Journey

You are welcome to stay at other accommodations in Sedona but please be mindful of transportation as rideshares are not available in Sedona

After the first day, fellow Journey group members are happy to assist with carpooling 

Green Tree Inn

Address: 2991 W State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

Phone: (928) 282-9166

For Group Rate:  Call and reference Carissa's March Journey

Shuttle Option from Airport 
Groome Transportation 
Uber Lyft Rideshare from Airport / In Sedona
 There are NO rideshares available in Sedona. Please coordinate with folks inside the group if you need help with getting around during the Journey.  You can find rideshares from PHX or FLG airport into Sedona but none departing from Sedona.
What Do I Wear? Weather, Hikes, Etc.

On our first and last day of the Journey, Day 1, Wednesday, and Day 4, Saturday, we will be indoors all day. Feel free to wear any clothing and footwear you would like. The room may get cold due to AC so bring a sweater/jacket. Also, the evenings may be cooler when we conclude the day. 


Day 2, Thursday, and  Day 3, Friday, we are scheduled to be outdoors all day but we will monitor and adjust plans if needed. The weather in March is usually around 60°F. It can become/feel much hotter while in the sun and much colder in the shade so pack layered clothing that can be used to keep warm or is easily removeable. The Hikes are moderate on Day 2 to easy on Day 3. Please remember to wear comfortable shoes with good grip/traction.  

What is the offering at the Medicine Wheel?

You will have the opportunity to give a verbal, physical or written offering to the Fire on Thursday. This is something you want to let go of or manifest into your life. Spend time in silence listening to what is calling to you.  In the past, sacrifices have included everything from ashes of loved ones, wedding bands, Purple Hearts to written letters and even Crocs.  

Why is my offering important?

You will be in the company of ancestral spirits of chiefs, shamans, and ceremonial elders who have been holding sacred space upon these lands for millenniums. They have also been waiting for you to arrive right here right now.  Anything you wish to offer, let go of, or call in will have a heightened and magnified effect.

Yeshua Questions 

Please send your two questions for Yeshua to by March 1st in a separate email not replying to a group email please. TY!💙


Question Guidance 

PLEASE refrain from super "me, me, me" questions. These are not "Carissa Session" questions. From experience over this past year in allowing folks to ask questions of Yeshua on Journeys, He is a Divine Master in response. And often chooses the questions of the deepest honesty, humility, and depth. Thus, it's up to you but I recommend asking questions on the basis of "We" instead of the "me."

You CAN ask questions like "how do I transcend a relationship that I cannot let go of," "how can I best serve through realization of my essence,"  You can ask questions about His life of the Divine workings of the universe. He occasionally speaks about His life only if it is important to do so and benefits your own inner process. 

What should my final travel plans be?

We suggest arriving in Sedona by Tuesday Night to check in to your accommodations and rest. We recommend staying until Sunday or Monday. If necessary, you can depart Saturday night however, we end around 6:00 PM and the airports are 1-2 Hours away from Sedona. 



Food and Supplies

There are Safeway, Whole Foods, and CVS/Walgreens along with a variety of restaurants in town all less than 10 mins the from Green Tree Inn. There will be time each morning to get food and supplies for the day.

Day 1 & 4 Indoors Vegetarian Only Food

While we are indoors, our venue space requests that our group only bring vegetarian food items on the property. On our breaks and lunch, please feel free to leave the property to enjoy any meat items. This is only for Days 1 & 4.

Making Dinner Plans 

To be safe, make any dinner reservations or plans after 8:00 PM 

Adele, Phoenix, Nik

As mentioned in Carissa's message, Nik, Adele, and Phoenix will be at the Journey to offer their services. Adele and Phoenix will have their personal Sacred Spaces available to visit in Sedona. They may likely be in sessions so send a text message. Nik is available to schedule sessions online.


Energy Healer and Reiki Master

Text Message or Call: 928-300-9114



Sacred Healing Pieces and Sacred Kiva, which is wonderful for integration
The Ritual connection
2050 Yavapai dr
Building 2A
Sedona, AZ 86336


Text Message or Call: 928-202-7997

Nik McRea

Intuitive Astrologer 

Click "Carissa's Portal"



Journey Schedule 

DAY 1 

Indoors All Day

Any Clothing & Footwear


- Notebook & Pen

- Meal + Snacks & Drinks

Inside of Space, Vegetarian Meals Only 


Wednesday, March 13th:

12:30 PM: Meet at Green Tree Inn West Sedona. Introduction with Jaycal.

1:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Greetings, Carissa Welcome, Personal Introductions, Yeshua Transmission, and Guided Group Meditation


*Dinner break for 50min around 4:00 PM


**Prior to the channeled meditation, please remove any shiny jewelry and refrain from using perfumes that are heavily scented as these can affect Carissa's ability to channel. Please try to limit consumption of alcohol or caffeine at least two days prior to the event so that your energy space is as clear as possible. The day prior to the event please take at least ten minutes of deep breathing to begin preparing your energy space for heightened light energy transmissions.

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Outdoors All Day

Comfortable Clothing & Comfortable Footwear for Walking & with traction/grip for Hiking.


- Swimwear & Towel  (Optional)

- Yoga Mat, Blanket, Towel, to sit on

- Notebook & Pen

- Meal + Snacks & Drinks

Sacred Spirit Illumination

Friday, March 15th

10:00 AM: Gather and Depart for Red Rock Crossing and River Vortex, Arch of Trees

11:00 AM: Gentle Yoga Immersion with special guest

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Offering from renowned Intuitive Astrologer and Human Design Guide, Nik McRae

4:00 PM: Yeshua Meditation and Personal Process at Heart Vortex

6:00 PM: Option to visit with Carissa at Amitabha Stupa and Thunder Mountain Vortex, Integration

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Outdoors All Day

Warm Layers, Jacket, Comfortable Clothing & Footwear for Walking & with traction/grip for Hiking


- Personal Offering 

- Yoga Mat, Blanket, Towel, to sit on

- Notebook & Pen

- Meal + Snacks & Drinks

Sacred Spirit Illumination

Thursday, March 14th:

10:00 AM: Gather at  Green Tree Inn and Depart for Shaman's Cave and Boynton Canyon Vortex (bring lunch and snacks we will be out on the land all day)

1:00 PM: Yeshua Transmission

3:00 PM: Lunch and time in off the grid in Cave renowned for healing properties.

4:00 PM: 4 Directions Ceremony!! Sacred Medicine Wheel Ceremony

***Please have your offering item for fire ready by departure in the morning as we will not be returning to the Green Tree at all until end of day. Again, remember that your Medicine Wheel Offering needs to be 1-2 minutes max... offer from the heart <3

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Indoors All Day

Any Clothing & Footwear


- Notebook & Pen

- Meal + Snacks & Drinks

- Inside of Space, Vegetarian Meals Only 


Saturday, March 16th:

10:30 AM - 4:00 PM: Time in Discussion, Yeshua Transmission, and Invocation of the Light. Most important aspect of Journey. High frequency Light Transmission. Have Journal ready.

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Closing Ceremony, Reflection Circle

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