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In honor of Elise Loehnen's New York Times Best-selling book, "On Our Best Behavior: The Price Women Pay to Be Good.," a special Online Study Group was held with Carissa and Elise. Many of you have experienced the profound inspiration of Elise's service through her Podcast, Pulling the Thread, as well as her interviews with Carissa. Many of you may have also worked with Carissa recently or over the past years. On October

This book study and gathering of community is a special, one-time-only deep dive into the heart of "On Our Best Behavior" that will allow you to more deeply process, express, and integrate the wisdom into your personal experience in a way that illuminates more of your essence within yourself and your external life.

This 3-Day Online Study Group will allow you to ask your own personal questions pertaining to the book to both Elise and Carissa directly. As well as to engage in discussion with them on a unique and intimate level. There will be several special guests including Andrea Bendewald, a leading facilitator of the Art of Circling, Nik McRae, a well-respected Intuitive Astrology and Human Design Guide, and Lauren Roxburgh, a world-renowned healer, author, and guide in fascia, breathwork, and psychical wholeness.

Throughout the Course, Carissa, through the lens of her forensic intution and mediumship, will share what she sees emerging for the collective as we move into 2024. She will be giving specific focus to the best ways to realize your dreams and needs in the changing "Aquarian Era" landscape as we maneuver through these times of change within the world.

This special experience will conclude with a very special and exclusive live Yeshua Transmission, as channeled by Carissa, specific to the content and discussion of the book. As many of you know, Carissa has not offered Yeshua Transmissions publicly outside of the Freedom Transmissions. This is a first experience for her and one that both she and Elise are deeply excited for you to receive.

The "On Our Best Behavior" Study Group is an extraordinary space for you to support Elise, cultivate your gifts, share personal experiences and shifts through reading, ask personal questions and receive answers, and move deeper into the applications of Elise's incredible book in your everyday life.

Proceeds will largely be devoted to causes supporting the people and animals whose lives were devastated in the recent wildfires on Maui. In addition to causes supporting women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, as well as nonprofits advocating for the compassionate treatment of animals.

We hope you will join us for this beautiful, sacred experience and look forward to this special time with you.

Blessings of Love, Peace, and Joy,
Carissa and Elise

Additional Info and FAQ's

Study Group Exchange: $399

[Several scholarships are available for those, and only those, in dire financial hardship that wish to attend. Please let us know if this is the case in registration. We ask that you honor integrity in requesting a scholarship as there are only so many available and these need to go to those in true need.]


Study Group Itinerary:


October 12th:

1 to 1:30pm PST: Introduction to Elise and Carissa

1:30 to 3pm PST: Discussion of "On Our Best Behavior" with Elise and Carissa- Focus on Introduction and "Sins" 1-4

3 to 4pm PST: Elise and Carissa answer your personal questions

4 to 5pm PST: Art of Circling session with Elise and Drea Bendewald- Suggested is attending a Circle with Drea before or after this Study Group-


October 13th:

10:30 to Noon PST: Offering from renowned Intuitive Astrologer, Nik McRae- Suggested is considering a personal session with Nik before or after this Study Group (visit the Carissa Portal)-

1 to 3pm PST: Discussion of "On Our Best Behavior" with Elise and Carissa- Focus on "Sins" 1-8 and Conclusion

3 to 4pm PST: Elise and Carissa answer your personal questions

4 to 5pm PST: Art of Circling session with Elise and Drea Bendewald


October 14th:

11 to 12:30: Special Body and breathwork offering from renowned healer and fascia activation expert, Lauren Roxburgh- Suggested is participating in her fascia and other programs in advance of or after this Study Group (especially for those who have chronic pain or physical issues)-

2 to 4pm PST: Exclusive Live-Channeled Yeshua Transmission and Meditation

4 to 4:15pm PST: Study Group Closing and Prayer

Questions and Answers you may have pertaining to the event:


Q: Will I be able to ask questions in advance:

A: Yes, when you enroll a form will be sent to you. It will allow you to ask one question for Elise and one question for Carissa. If one or both of the questions you ask has been selected by Carissa or Elise, it will be read out loud. Many questions may be answered throughout the general discussion. You also have the option of entering a question through the comments section as each day goes on and new things illuminate within you. We just ask that you not ask questions of Carissa that require a personal session, such as "who is my soulmate?" If she feels an Spirit energy present for you, she will communicate that or we will message you outside of the Study Group.


Q: If something comes up and I cannot attend, can I receive a refund? If I don't like it after a day, can I receive a refund?

A: Once you sign up, there are no refunds. We understand if things come up but it requires time and energy on our end to hold a space for you. There are limited spaces and much demand for this event. Thus, no refunds for unforeseen events are possible. Nor are personal feelings surrounding the experience.


Q: If I cannot attend one or two of the days, can I still attend? Will there be a recording sent?

A: Of course. All registered will be able to receive the sound files from the event. So, if you miss a day or a portion, you will be able to listen to it later.


Q: Is there any outside reading I should do to prepare?

A: Elise and Carissa will be speaking of the Freedom Transmissions in congruence with On Our Best Behavior. So it would be helpful to have some familiarity with this text. But mainly the focus will be Elise's book and there is no external reading necessary. You may wish to read some of the sources in the book such as The Gospel of May Magdalene or anything by Richard Rohr or Cynthia Bourgeault. But it is "OOBB" that is the main focus.


Q: I am an atheist but like the book and want to dive deeper. Is this right for me? Is this religious?

A: No. This event brings the "spiritual" aspect of the book into awareness. But there is no belief or dogma imposition. This event is a safe, sacred space to learn, grow, and evolve individually and through the extraordinary global community that Elise and Carissa share with you all. With complete focus on the book, how it came to be, and how it applies to your life no matter what you do or do not believe in.

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